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About us

Sprocket Rocket & Co. is a children’s fashion label designed to inspire a child’s imagination in their everyday lives. We have created garments that give children even more opportunities to be playful and creative through the garments they wear.

We are now manufacturing in  Australia, supporting our local factories and makers. We are able to still offer competitive prices because a lot of the work is now done in house. Sprocket Rocket & Co.’s products are all made from high quality yarns and fabrics that are able to withstand the pressures of creative play. The chosen manufacturers have implemented progressive management strategies and use the latest technology available to ensure a quality and sustainable garment.

All knitwear is fully fashioned providing a structurally durable garment and minimizing waste – therefore being better for the environment. To understand more about how knitwear is manufactured go to

Sprocket Rocket & Co. are continuously implementing new systems to minimize the companies impact on the environment and maximise the garments quality and aesthetic.

Sprocket Rocket & Co. values integrity, ethics and social consciousness.